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Questions about Shipping

How long does shipping take?


Each piece is carefully handcrafted from contracted silversmiths from all over the world.

Your piece gets manufactured within 48 hours after your order got placed.

Please allow shipping to take up to 2 weeks.


Are there shipping fees?


Yes, shipping will be $3,50 or will be free if your order is above $59.


Will I receive a tracking order?


Yes - after your purchase you'll receive a e-mail with a tracking number.


Can I order from outside of the US?


No problem, since our contracted jewlery comes from all over the world.

Please allow more than 2 weeks for shipping then. It can take up to 3 weeks max.


Will I responsible for the taxes on my international order?


Every purchase has taxes included.

If your country wants additional taxes, write us an e-mail so we can give you a partial refund.


Questions about our Company

Where is your company located?


We're located Maryland, United States

Below on the map you can see our exact location of the office.

Do you guys have a real store?


Right now we're online only.

In the future there are plans to create an office in the US with some warehouses all over the world.


To create shorter delivery times.

But a real store is not currently in the making, no.


I need help - how do I get in contact?


We'll soon open up a Whats app order and support hotline.

Until then you can contact us over e-mail or Instagram direct messages



Check out our Contact Us for a support ticket form.

Each mail gets an answer within 24 hours. Guaranteed.

Questions about the Lifetime Guarantee

How does the Lifetime Guarantee work?


Usually stores give you 14-30 days to try out your bought pieces and to return them if you're not satisfied.

We're giving you a 365 days satisfaction guarantee.


What else?


On top you get the lifetime opportunity to send us your broken jewelry and get it replaced - no additional costs! (Just cover shipping).

If you're living in the US, keep the jewelry and get a FREE! replacement sent.


Just send us a e-mail . so we can send you a replacement.


Does the Lifetime Guarantee apply only once per jewelry?


If your jewelry replacement breaks once again, you get another replacement.

You're getting a Lifetime Guarantee which is applied again to every new replacement jewelry.